Why Is There Racial Descrimination In The U.S? Is This Fair?

Why is There Racial Discrimination In The U.S? How Can Your "Voice" Make A Difference?



Introduction on this topic


In the U.S., people of all races have rights as American citizens.
However, there is one thing that exists that jeopardizes these rights, not only here in the U.S, but also around the world: racial discrimination. Let's look back since the birth of the
United States of America, around the late 1700’s. Women back then were also facing discrimination, such as not being able to vote and other injustices. Women achieved success when in 1920 the 19th Ammendment was added to the Constitution. On the other hand, racial injustice continues and is still going on today. There was an article published back on December 15, 2006. It was written by Patterson Demetrius from The Chicago Defender. The article states that out of 398 entries written on the website BlackPlanet.com, 326 entries agreed with the opinion that African Americans do not get fair justice by the government. Although this may be true, why would there be racial discrimination in the U.S.? Can we somehow stop it?



The Glass Ceiling



“It is 1923 and women have the right to vote. But they still experience discrimination. Women are expected not to work but to stay at home and care for their families. The few women who do work find it hard to get good jobs. Men do not want to work with or for women.” These are situations that happened back in the early 1900’s. The same thing is happening with people from different races. Due to their background, both men and women face injustices such as not finding a good job or other inequalities. This can be compared to a glass ceiling. This phrase is usually used as a metaphor. People who are on the bottom always look at what is up. They always want to make it to the top, but they just get blocked by people who stereotype them. What can we do to protect people and certain races from racial profiling, and get rid of this glass ceiling? 



Racial-Injustice Campaign


If you want to help against racial profiling, please sign our petition to the government of the
United States.